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Both the higher energy costs, and the government tax credit motivate homeowners to consider Window replacement projects more than ever. However, window replacement projects are not cheap. The project involve purchasing window material and hiring a window contractor to replace the old windows (if any) and install the new windows. To find window replacement project cost, a homeowner is encouraged to ask for estimates form various window replacement companies. We offer our visitors completely free estimate from our quality home improvement partners. We strongly recommend you to submit your zip code, and answer our questions about your project to get a free estimate.

Our estimates are 100% Free, there is obligation at all, and we offer you 1-4 estimates from various contractors. The number of offered estimates depends completely on your address since our window contractor partners service certain areas only. We strive to offer you the quality service that may help you to choose the right contractor for your home.

Our contractors are capable to install various residential and commercial windows in different shapes and materials. Our contractors can help you to install vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, wood windows, aluminum windows and more. Various shapes are offered (casement, bay or bow, fixed, etc). Homeowners are also encouraged to consider Hurricane Windows to reduce injuries in a case of a storm.

If you are looking for energy efficient windows, you need to pay attention to the Window U-factor, it determines the window energy efficiency.

Jeld Wen Windows

Jeld Wen Windows

JELD-WEN is a company having more than 20,000 employees and 150 divisions worldwide. The corporation manufactures building products, including interior and exterior doors, windows and garage doors. This company owns various distribution facilities and operates number of resort properties. JELD-WEN was founded in year 1960, and its headquarters are in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Originally, it was a millwork plant in Oregon.

Highly valued products are being developed by the company for satisfying the needs of the customers with reducing impact on environment. The wide scale range of doors and windows is basically limitless. The company produces a plenty of designs so that it can comply with any home. With design options, energy efficiency and industry-foremost warranties, it gives the guarantee of choice.

Have a close look of the services it provides:

  1. Windows
  2. Exterior Doors
  3. Interior Doors
  4. Patio Doors
  5. Garage Doors
JELD-WEN windows are known to be excellent windows to use. Once one has replaced the old windows with it, he or she needs not to care much about its durability because it will give the best as expected.


A wide array and variation of windows are available with different size, opening method and shape for rooms.
  1. Jeld Wen's Awning Windows – It is a perfect architectural style window when it is used as a group with other type of windows. It is hinged at the top and opens out from the bottom in an upward swing.
  2. Jeld Wen's Bay Windows – It is an ideal model for Victorian or traditional homes. The openness of any room is increased by this type of window. It has three different individual units.
  3. Jeld Wen's Casement Windows – It is a complement window which shows the modern design and its simplicity. This can be hinged on both sides in swinging motion right to left.
  4. Jeld Wen's Fixed Windows – It is fixed in a frame and unique form each other in every aspect like color, shape and etc. It can be used as a freestanding unit or may be with a combination with other style.
  5. Jeld Wen's Garden Windows – This window allows one to add a tiny greenhouse to a room which is a three sided window allowing maximum air circulation.
  6. Jeld Wen's Single-Hung Windows – This window is made up of a stationary slash and a moving slash which moves vertically and gives a classical look. It is easy for cleaning.
  7. Jeld Wen's Sliding Windows – Sliding windows are made up of two parts. One is stationary slash; another one is moving slash which moves right to left or vice versa on track or on grooves.


The combination of smart manufacturing process and high quality materials creates durability and beauty.
  1. Jeld Wen's Aluminum Windows – It is an alternative of wood and it is more durable, light weight, strong and cost effective than wood. It performs well and resistant to corrosion in all most all climates.
  2. Jeld Wen's Vinyl Windows – It is a plastic material which is strong, energy efficient, durable, and has the standing up ability to elements. This is the material which color never fades, peel, rot or flake.
  3. Jeld Wen's Wood Windows – Wood has a variety of range as it comes from different species for example pine, far, alder or mahogany. As it comes from different species, it preserves uniqueness in it from the part of sap content, color and grain.
  4. Jeld Wen's Clad-Wood Windows - Cladding is a strong metal layer which is given on wood as protector. It works like a coat of armor. The benefits it will provide are low maintenance cost and no requirement of painting.

Style & Design

Change the eye of the world and the way of seeing the world by changing the style of the windows which express ones design aesthetics and personality:
  1. Design Styles – As the belief of the architectural importance of window it does not prefer only the functional side of a window. A window must have an distinctive appeal of beauty if one wants to build the home in distinctive way.
  2. Choices for Entire Home – A unique and unified look can be created that no one can does as it offers a greater breadth and depth of window products starting from the outside of home and ends in inside covering the total home.
  3. Divided Lites – It helps to create an illusion as separate window panes in exterior grilles or window on interior side or between the glasses as element of intriguing architecture without hampering energy efficiency.
  4. Color Options – A wide variety of colors are available from which one can choose and give a different character to the home.