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Both the higher energy costs, and the government tax credit motivate homeowners to consider Window replacement projects more than ever. However, window replacement projects are not cheap. The project involve purchasing window material and hiring a window contractor to replace the old windows (if any) and install the new windows. To find window replacement project cost, a homeowner is encouraged to ask for estimates form various window replacement companies. We offer our visitors completely free estimate from our quality home improvement partners. We strongly recommend you to submit your zip code, and answer our questions about your project to get a free estimate.

Our estimates are 100% Free, there is obligation at all, and we offer you 1-4 estimates from various contractors. The number of offered estimates depends completely on your address since our window contractor partners service certain areas only. We strive to offer you the quality service that may help you to choose the right contractor for your home.

Our contractors are capable to install various residential and commercial windows in different shapes and materials. Our contractors can help you to install vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, wood windows, aluminum windows and more. Various shapes are offered (casement, bay or bow, fixed, etc). Homeowners are also encouraged to consider Hurricane Windows to reduce injuries in a case of a storm.

If you are looking for energy efficient windows, you need to pay attention to the Window U-factor, it determines the window energy efficiency.

Hurd Windows

Hurd Windows

The Hurd Company is well-known company that is in business for more than ninety years manufacturing windows in different types and styles that fit the customer desire and dream. It is this company that builds for you exactly what you want with no delay. Their wood windows are especially made with extreme care from top to bottom with every little detail to satisfy the customer. One gives thanks to the company for their effort in designing such perfect types with beautiful finishes.

The unexpected thing about the Hurd Company is that all of their windows and for more than 90 years are hand-made. This is why you will not find many products for them in the window market, but you will notice that the built window looks more beautiful and matches in a convenient way its position.

The Company offers their 5 types of windows for the customer to choose. They are in a quality that he will appreciate. They are done for him the way he wants, and if he wishes, the Hurd Company may have a special kind of pine wood to be used in building the window.

Hurd Company offers their casement and grill windows that are made in a way to make the customer and his family feel cozy during summer or winter times for their windows save energy up to 30%, designed and installed in a professional way.

When you go deeper in knowing the Hurd Company, you will feel much better in your heart and mind. Hurd regarding Safety

For Hurd Company, safety is not an option. It is so important to apply safety in the industry for all of their work is hand-made. Their safety procedures are not only for their staff, but also for every worker. They give these safety precautions:

  1. If you are dealing with ladders, be cautious, and always put your goggles on and your ear protection.
  2. Do not wear loose clothes with long sleeves
  3. When working with chemicals, wear gloves and respirators.
  4. Work in well-ventilated area.
  5. Test your work on a small sample before applying on the main wood board.
  6. Avoid using scrapers and coarse rags when dealing with windows.
  7. Avoid chemical fluid spillage.
  8. Temperature is not good for cleaning or painting windows, try not to exceed the allowed.
  9. Inspect your work from time to time during installation, so as not to forget any point that might affect the quality.
  10. Inspect your window installation from both sides, see if there is any damage during window installment or any stripped paint or scratched glass.
  11. Check your hardware for any miss-alignment.
  12. Remove all the trapped dirt from the window hinges and then check your window operation.
  13. The Hurd is a Company that seeks the customer's satisfaction. They are doing their best in making the style you want, and they never let you down for their products are the best hand-made quality ever made.