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Both the higher energy costs, and the government tax credit motivate homeowners to consider Window replacement projects more than ever. However, window replacement projects are not cheap. The project involve purchasing window material and hiring a window contractor to replace the old windows (if any) and install the new windows. To find window replacement project cost, a homeowner is encouraged to ask for estimates form various window replacement companies. We offer our visitors completely free estimate from our quality home improvement partners. We strongly recommend you to submit your zip code, and answer our questions about your project to get a free estimate.

Our estimates are 100% Free, there is obligation at all, and we offer you 1-4 estimates from various contractors. The number of offered estimates depends completely on your address since our window contractor partners service certain areas only. We strive to offer you the quality service that may help you to choose the right contractor for your home.

Our contractors are capable to install various residential and commercial windows in different shapes and materials. Our contractors can help you to install vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, wood windows, aluminum windows and more. Various shapes are offered (casement, bay or bow, fixed, etc). Homeowners are also encouraged to consider Hurricane Windows to reduce injuries in a case of a storm.

If you are looking for energy efficient windows, you need to pay attention to the Window U-factor, it determines the window energy efficiency.

Gorell Windows

Gorell Windows

Gorell Enterprises is an award-winning company of Pittsburgh, Indiana, who manufacturers specially engineered, highly energy-efficient vinyl windows for replacement and new-construction applications, aluminum storm products, patio doors and Radiaflect reflective insulation. Since its inception in 1994 by the company's current chairman and CEO Wayne Gorell, the company has earned its place among the fastest growing companies in the United States. Gorell windows are renowned among thousands of homeowners across America. The reason behind Gorell's astounding success lies in its definitive goal to supply the very best quality products and services to its valued customers and by showing genuine concern for the community and environment.

The primary manufactured product of Gorell is vinyl windows. These windows are exceptionally durable and energy-efficient. Gorell uses its own special vinyl formula in making these windows to make sure long-lasting strength, smooth finish and to keep the windows from discoloring. Gorell offers a range of best quality vinyl windows. These include:

  1. Double-Hung Windows
  2. Single-Hung Windows
  3. Sliding Windows
  4. Casement Windows
  5. Awning Windows
  6. Basement Windows
  7. Picture Windows
  8. Bay & Bow-windows
  9. Garden Windows
  10. Specialty-Shaped Windows

Double-Hung Windows

The Double-Hung Windows of Gorell are surprisingly easy to maintain and clean. It also has a special feature called Gorell Constant Force Balance system that makes opening and closing easy for everyone. There are two series of Double-Hung Windows available: 5100 Series Double-Hungs and 5300 Series Double-Hungs.

Gorell's Single-Hung Windows

Gorell single-hung windows are exceptionally beautiful and energy-efficient. The operating sash on these tilts in for easy access to outside surfaces, making is super easy to clean. These windows are durable and smooth in operation. Gorell single-hung windows are truly amazing and can out match any other widows on the market. Currently one series of Single-Hung Windows are available — the 5000 Series Single-Hungs.

Gorell's Sliding Windows

The sliding windows of Gorell also called sliders, are highly energy-efficient and are available in countless of configurations and with many options. These windows are very easy to clean and the operating sashes can be lift out or tilt in for easy access. The currently available slider series are:
  1. 5300 Series Tile N' Slide Sliders
  2. 5100 Series Lift-Out Sliders
  3. 5000 Series Sliders
  4. 5300 Series Lift-Out Sliders

Gorell's Casement and Awning Windows

The casement and awning windows of Gorell are truly marvelous. These are unique for their fine look and superb functionality. The casement windows can be left or right hinged to open to the outside and the awning windows can be open from the base for proper ventilation. There are 3000 Series Casements and 3000 Series Awnings windows are available from Gorell.

Gorell's Picture Windows

The Picture windows of Gorell gives a spectacular view of the outside and are made of more glass and less frame than other window types. These types of windows are most energy-efficient windows available. Gorell currently offers two picture window models—the 5100 Series and 5300 Series.

Gorell's Bay and Bow-windows

The bay and bow-windows of Gorell are elegant and provide magnificent view and light. These windows require little or no maintenance. Each bay and bow-windows are custom-made and can last a life time. The bay or bow-window of Gorell are skillfully crafted and are customizable to suit anyone's need. Gorell currently offers two models—7000 Series Bay Windows and 7000 Series Bow-windows.

Gorell's Garden Windows

Gorell's garden windows are often used in kitchens over sink areas and are distinguished for their exclusive dimensional design and versatile functionality. These windows are made strong and all corners of the frame and sashes are merged together to keep unwanted moisture and air out. These windows are extraordinarily durable and look great for years. These windows are also almost maintenance-free. The currently offered Gorell's garden windows model is 7100 Series Garden Windows.